DesignCrowd Until recently, entrepreneurs and small business owners had no better option than to get a design done the traditional way - through a design agency or hire a designer in house or get a freelancer. This is a slow, risky and expensive process that produces limited choice for the customer. DesignCrowd offers businesses a better, proven alternative: outsourcing or 'crowdsourcing' high quality affordable design from a global crowd of designers. Why get 1 design when you can get 100 ideas without the big guy budget? The design industry alone is worth over $40BN annually and DesignCrowd is experiencing very high customer demand and consequently explosive business growth. DesignCrowd offers over 40 design services including logo design, website design, app design, business cards, promo flyers, posters and more services to help entrepreneurs and small business grow their businesses. Our target market is braod and accessible any site that has some B2B, small business, or even just business related content, and includes anyone starting out in biz right up to a thriving business with many employees.


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