The Joshua Tree Northwich


The Joshua Tree was founded 8 years ago by Lynda and David Hill after their son Josh received treatment for Leukaemia. As Josh had a greatly reduced level of immunity due to his leukaemia, he was very limited as to where he was able to go - no indoor play areas, cafes, restaurants, cinema, theatre, play barns - anywhere where there was a high number of people gathering in a confined space. All families of children with cancer are advised not to go on holiday during the first year of treatment. It was from this restrictive and isolating experience, that the idea of The Joshua Tree Holiday House was born.

Lynda and David felt very strongly that they wanted to create a haven for families to be able to spend quality time together in a safe environment. So much of a family's initial time after diagnosis revolves around the hospital and more often than not, siblings have to spend time with other carers whilst 'mum and dad' begin a process of adjustment at the child's bedside. Lynda and David know that time away together as a whole family is very precious in bonding the family back together, where all members can laugh again and enjoy 'time out' together. Lynda's background in psychology and counselling has led her to understand the importance of a support network and today The Joshua Tree Family Support Centre will achieve this.

Family Support Centre

2 Old Hall

Venables Road




T - 01606 331858

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