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Save the Family is a local charity providing sheltered accommodation for Homeless Families in North Wales, Cheshire, The Wirral and Merseyside. 

Without Save the Family, the only alternative for these Families would be for their Children to be taken into care, as the state has a duty of care to all Children in the UK. Families are the incubators that both parents and children need. The power of Family love gives strength, and without that strength it is hard for Children to grow into rounded adults. We know from experience that when Children are taken in to care the Family is weakened and destroyed and the detrimental impact on the child can be long lasting, socially, educationally and psychologically.

Every night, 150 people depend on Save the Family for a roof over their heads. Those helped by the charity come from the poorest 10% of neighborhoods in the UK; estates with endemic unemployment, domestic violence, drug or alcohol abuse, poor health, unsuitable housing conditions, high levels of debt and low educational attainment. Save the Family works to restore self-respect and teach basic life skills, while addressing the root causes of repeat Homelessness.  Its goal is to give Parents back their hope and give their Children a future.

Save the Family works tirelessly 365 days a year and 24 hours a day. To keep the charity running it cost a massive £1.2 million pounds annually. We rely heavily on the generosity of the Great British Public to help us continue our vital work in keeping Families together

We receive more than 400 referrals every year.  We can only help 12% of these Families in crisis.  We need to do more, we want to do more. You can help Save the Family continue the vital work they do in keeping Homeless Families together and make a difference.

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