25 years of hope
 Before BIRD we had no thoughts for the future and saw our little girl being unable to have any independence or choice of life but since coming to BIRD her quality of life is excellent.

Julianne from Scotland

 having been told by doctors that there was 'no hope' for our son, BIRD has helped him enormously, he can now do things that a year ago we never thought possible.

Wendy from Shropshire

 Looking back now we feel that it is nonsense for medical people to have told us that autistic children cannot be helped, through BIRD our son's behaviour has been changed forever. It hasn't been a cure, our son still has his own little ways but he has gained in confidence, is a lot happier and we now feel that there is a good chance that he will live independently as an adult.

Simon from Cheshire

 I came to BIRD as a last resort. A few days after starting the programme we saw small improvements, after two years we have never looked back, thank you BIRD a million times over!

Chiz from Manchester

 It's a long slow process, but I'm so proud of my dad for making it. Above all, BIRD gave us hope where before we were without it. You can't go on without hope and only BIRD gave us that. They're a wonderful organisation and I've told them that if I ever win the lottery, £2 million of it is theirs!

Alex from Merseyside

 Its such a pity we didn't know about BIRD earlier, the improvements in our daughter have been amazing. It is a truly remarkable organisation.

Tracy from Southampton

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