Childcare Account

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Making childcare more affordable.

The Government are trying to encourage working parents by helping them with the cost of their childcare. The Salary sacrifice scheme enables parents to take a part of their salary on a tax and National Insurance Contribution free basis as childcare vouchers.

From 6 April 2006 parents can take up to £55 week (£243 per month) tax and NIC exempt childcare vouchers from their salary, offering parents great savings on the cost of their childcare. Typically a basic tax ratepayer can save up to £962 per year and a high tax ratepayer £1195 per year.

Employers can save money also as they do not pay NIC on the amount sacrificed by the parent.

Introducing a childcare voucher scheme like the Childcare Account has benefits for parents, employers and carers.

Joining and administering the scheme is easy.

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