Daycare Trust Services

Daycare Trust Services:

Our Information Line provides comprehensive information about childcare to callers; from parents starting work or study who need to find childcare, to employers who want to find out more about how to help their employees. Contact us on 020 7840 3350 - Mondays , Wednesdays and Fridays 10.00am-5.00pm. You can also email us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We also produce a range of factsheets for parents and employers about childcare and the financial help available, and our ‘Paying for Childcare’ website - - includes an interactive Tax Credit Checker to help parents work out what financial help they are eligible for.

Our training service offers high quality training on a range of topics, from tax credits to involving parents in service development and delivery, which can be provided in house or through our programme

Our Consultancy Service provides expert analysis, evaluation and recommendations on childcare and related issues to a range of organisations and services. Recent projects have included policy and organisational analysis, needs assessment exercises and option appraisal.

We maintain a high profile with our press, and research work. We provide informed comment on key childcare issues to the media and government, ensuring that the benefits of childcare and the issues faced by parents are well understood.
Recent successes include leading the focus on listening to children in our policy work, which is being taken further in our Listening to Families project. We have also renewed the debate about good quality accessible childcare for black and minority ethnic families with the launch of our Ensuring Equality publication.
More information about all our services can be found on this site or by contacting us on 020 7840 3350

Our mission
Daycare Trust is the national childcare charity, campaigning for quality, accessible, affordable childcare for all and raising the voices of children, parents and carers. We advise parents and carers, providers, employers, trade unions and policymakers on childcare issues.
We recognise that everyone is unique and we value the difference in our communities. We listen to all views and are committed to act without prejudice. We oppose all discrimination and promote equality in all we do..

Our vision
Daycare Trust’s objective is to secure access to high quality affordable childcare for all children in Great Britain where and when they and their parents want and need it, at a price their parents can afford.

Despite the advances in recent years, particularly with the National Childcare Strategy, there remains a considerable way to go before this is achieved. By ‘childcare’ we mean arrangements parents make for their children when they are not looking after the children themselves; this could be in individual or group care in a variety of settings, including at home.

Quality childcare involves learning through play. Our vision is of a children’s centre in every community offering integrated childcare and early education with a range of other services for families. Children’s centres would link to childminding networks and other home-based and community-based childcare.

Schools become increasingly important as nursery schools link to reception classes and extended schools provide a variety of services for families, including childcare for older children.

Parents’ choices would be extended by increasing paid parental leave, especially early in a child’s life, and the offer of flexible working conditions.

Equalities, diversity and inclusion are central to our objectives and will inform and underpin all our work. Identifying, understanding and breaking down the barriers to participation and belonging is key to achieving ‘childcare for all’. This should be incorporated in all that we do.

Our work and services
Daycare Trust provides a range of services and we are undertaking a number of projects for funders. Please click on the link for more details.

All our services can be contacted on 020 7840 3350.


Our supporters
Information about the organisations who have kindly supported our work during the financial year 2007/08.
Our supporters

Who we support


Daycare Trust is a member of the Campaign to End Child Poverty.

The Campaign includes children's and other charities, social justice groups, faith-groups, trade unions, businesses and many others concerned about the unacceptably high levels of child poverty in the UK who are working together for change.

The Campaign to End Child Poverty continues to raise the issue across the UK, in order to maintain the current pressure on Government to commit the resources necessary to halve child poverty by 2010 and end it by 2020.

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