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 The History of Dore

Wynford Dore’s daughter Susie was diagnosed as severely dyslexic at the age of nine. By the age of 22, feelings of loneliness, resentment and desperation caused by her serious learning difficulties had led her to attempt suicide three times. Wynford was determined to find a lasting solution for his daughter.

The Dore Programme - developed with the help of world-renowned experts in the field has allowed Susie to live a happy, fulfilled life, and thousands others around the world have successfully completed the Programme.

The first Dore centre was established in the UK in 2000, since then we have been able to help thousands of people benefit from the Programme in the UK, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Barbados, South Africa and the United States.

Without more research into the causes of learning difficulties, and how we acquire and learn skills easily and effectively, millions of people will continue to suffer.

Dore continues to fund independent studies to understand the role of the cerebellum in learning difficulties and to improve the effectiveness of the Dore Programme. The studies completed so far have been very positive, and support the testimony of thousands of people who report lasting benefits.

In the UK, independent organisations such as Exeter and Sheffield Universities and five local education authorities have already commissioned studies. Two of these studies have been published as peer-reviewed papers, and there are more results in the pipeline.

Other studies carried out independently by Harvard Medical School, New York University and the University of California have clearly established a link between developing the cerebellum and improving learning skills, which is the focus of Dore’s work.

Dore takes an ethical approach to research, openly sharing all our results. And alongside the formal studies are the successes of thousands of satisfied clients who have completed and benefited from the Dore Programme.

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