About INPP
At INPP, we have pioneered research into Neuro Developmental Delay (NDD) and provided help for effected children and adults since 1975. All treatments are drug-free and non-invasive; instead we administer remedial programmes using physical movements, which are naturally present in early development. The INPP movement programmes have been designed to correct underlying and previously undetected causes.

Peter Blythe, founder of INPP, has been researching NDD since 1969 when he was a senior lecturer in Applied Psychology (Education) at the College of Education in Lancashire. He established INPP to investigate the links between physical development and problems with reading, writing, spelling, coordination, behaviour and emotional functioning in both children and adults.

In 1988, Peter was joined by Sally Goddard Blythe MSc, FRSA who is currently Director of INPP and INPP’s international training division.

Sally has had published many papers relating to NDD in professional, refereed journals and general publications, and has lectured throughout the British Isles and Europe. Her published works include Reflexes, Learning and Behaviour (Fern Ridge Press, Eugene, OR) – available in six European languages - and The Well Balanced Child (Hawthorne Press, Stroud) – available in English, German, Polish and Hungarian. 

Two new books by Sally Goddard Blythe : What Babies Really Need – How Mothers and Fathers can Nurture Children’s Growth for Health and Well Being was published by Hawthorn Press in May 2008 Attention, Balance and Coordination – the A,B,C of Learning Success is due to be published by Wiley-Blackwell in January 2009.

Sally is also the author of the INPP Schools Programme – a programme of exercises designed to be used daily in schools under teacher supervision. This programme has been the subject of a number of research projects published in the journal Child Care in Practice (volume 11/4 2005).

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