Wedgwood Visitor Centre Stoke-on-Trent

At Wedgwood Visitor Centre Stoke-on-Trent we are extremely proud of the heritage of our company, of the legacy of our founder, Josiah Wedgwood and of the Centre itself. We are also confident in our proven ability to make your visit a truly memorable experience.


At the Centre, in addition to world-class restaurants and shopping for exquisite ceramic and glass tableware and gifts, we can offer everyone - from the connoisseur to the casual visitor, for adults and children, whether of UK or international origin, an enthralling experience.

Our factory tours are, we believe, among the best in the world and they offer an unparalleled opportunity to see the world famous Wedgwood production facility at close quarters and in its full detail.

And, having seen how we make our products, you can have a go at making them yourself on either the potter's wheel or with paint and brush. What you make we can finish and post to your home as a unique souvenir of your visit.

Finally, our exhibitions (available in 5 languages) and film theatre tell the history of our company through film, audio guides and Museum pieces.

This history, though, is much more than just the story of a pottery company and the man who founded it. Rather, it forms a unique part of the history of the Industrial Revolution and of the Enlightenment in Britain in all its myriad aspects.

It is a tale we eagerly look forward to telling you.

The Wedgwood Visitor Centre

ST12 9ES

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