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The Women's Network of the Methodist Church aims to encourage, enable and women to participate fully in the life of the Church and in society.

It does this through Training in specific skills Conferences and events on issues and themes Different styles of worship and ideas for worship Campaigns in which women may be actively involved Provision of information about other groups and resources Mutual support through all of the above
 Network Care - The object of this scheme is to enable people to have a 3 day break away from home if they are suffering from bereavement, stress or just need to get away for a change of scene. This would be staying with a fellow Christian. There are currently 3 hosts available across our District. Caring for the Earth
The Methodist Church affirms that Christian mission includes caring for God's earth. The Biblical creation stories give human beings privilege and responsibility in relation to the earth and every living creature. We are called to be partners with the rest of creation and co-partners in the ongoing creative and renewing activity of God. Such partnership goes wrong when human beings act as if the whole earth were simply for their present benefit. God’s way, revealed in the Bible and particularly in the life, death and resurrection of Christ, is a generous sharing of the divine love to serve the needs of God’s creation until it reaches its fulfillment.Actions we can take…Use public transport, where possible, or at least car-share to reduce emissions and fuel usage.Support Fair Trade projectsMethodism's dedicated charity providing housing, love and care

In our District we have Callin Court and Claybourne