St Peter with St John the Baptist

Welcome to the Parish of Chester, St Peter with St John the Baptist. Although the Parish contains two of the most important and historic Churches in the City of Chester: the Parish Church of St John the Baptist; the original Minster, Cathedral and Collegiate Church of the City and the Guild Church of St Peter; the Church of the Mayor and Corporation; these great and inspiring architectural gems are not quaint historic relics of a bygone age, but living working centres of Christian faith at the heart of the City.

St John’s is open every day of the year and Morning Prayer is said daily. The Eucharist is celebrated, not just on Sundays, but also during the week; on Wednesday at St John’s and Friday at St Peter’s (see the Worship Page for details). St Peter’s is also home to the Chester Ecumenical Centre. There is a fine musical tradition at St John’s which has its own orchestra (The St John’s Festival Orchestra) and during the summer on Wednesday’s from May to September recitals are given. (Wednesday’s at One…see our Music Page for details).

On behalf of the Parish, I hope the website, the result of a great deal of hard work by willing volunteers of different faiths, will provide you with enough information, so that when you visit this historic City of Chester… the City of the Legions, you will visit our two Churches, perhaps you will want to pray or just look around, you may want to find out more about Christianity, or you may wish to join us in the Worship of Almighty God; whatever the reason, you will be welcome and valued.
God Bless,

Parish of Chester
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St John the Baptist Chester
The Parish Church of St John the Baptist Chester
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