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 12 Abbey Square, Chester CH1 2HU.


Chester Cathedral’s mission is to celebrate God’s presence in the world by, offering worship and prayer, welcome and hospitality, pastoral care and education, and a creative use of our heritage. An establishment such as this means many different things to many different people. We aim to embrace all sectors of the community whilst ensuring the survival of this magnificent Cathedral for future generations.


As the Cathedral Church of the Diocese of Chester we hold 1,200 regular services throughout the year; three services every weekday and up to five each Sunday. In addition the Cathedral hosts major community services for the Council, military organisations, charities, the Scout and Guide Associations, and local schools. The Cathedral holds major diocesan services and many special services such as those to remember the fallen from the wars, and to provide comfort to those who have lost children and babies. 


We provide the largest venue in the city for orchestral performances, concerts, and charitable fundraisers.  We welcome thousands of primary and secondary school children for educational visits and hold an annual sixth-form conference. Chester Cathedral is a centre of musical excellence with its weekly Organ Recitals. The Cathedral hosts some of the finest choirs in the country. The Cathedral is a site of extraordinary historical significance as it is one of the best preserved monastic sites in the United Kingdom.


Chester Cathedral is an ancient abbey and is a treasure of international importance that has played a significant part in shaping the history of the City.  It still plays an important part in the spiritual, cultural and civic life of Chester and beyond.  The site stretches from the Cathedral, with the most complete set of monastic buildings in the country, through the Georgian square and streets, to the Roman barracks on the Dean’s field and includes the largest green spaces within the walls.

The estate comprises many listed properties of historic and architectural importance.  The city is designated as an area of Archaeological importance, one of only five such designations in England.  The North part of the site is a scheduled ancient monument, the Southern part of the site is subject to the Care of Cathedrals Measure and the entire estate lies within a Conservation Area.

Chester Cathedral is primarily a Christian community and a place of worship, prayer, mission and ministry.  Our aspiration is to express this in a generous and creative way.  We seek to celebrate our faith through worship, mission, pastoral care, education and music: and reflecting our Benedictine spirituality, offer welcome and hospitality to visitors and pilgrims through our shop, refectory, grounds and tours.

One of the most popular places to visit in the North West, the Cathedral attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.

All who visit will be made most welcome, and encouraged to share in the rich beauty of this, the most complete medieval monastic complex still standing in the UK . With records of a church on this site since the early tenth century, it was founded as a Benedictine Monastery dedicated to St Werburgh in 1092. In 1541, following the dissolution of the monasteries, it was rededicated as the Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary in Chester, the mother church of the Church of England Diocese of Chester.

Chester Cathedral charges admission to visitors, but there is no charge for anyone wishing to attend services.

This site has been a place of worship for over one thousand years, standing as a living and vibrant symbol of Christianity in the North West of England.

Throughout all of this time its ministry has continued without interruption through periods of adversity such as the Dissolution of the Monasteries, the English Civil War and the two world wars.

Today the Cathedral aims to continue, and expand, the vital work which is embodied in our statement of mission:

"To know Christ better and to make Christ better known"


Chester Cathedral Office, 12 Abbey Square, Chester CH1 2HU.

Telephone: 01244 324756
Fax: 01244 341 110

Opening hours: Mon-Fri, 9am - 1pm and 2-4pm.