Cheshire County Football Association


Cheshire County Football Association aims to establish safe and structured football opportunities for the benefit of all concerned irrespective of age, colour, gender and disability. 

We also provide the appropriate structures and systems to enable the association to control, manage, regulate and promote the game within the County.  This enables us to assist with the development of the game at all levels, ensuring we are able to increase the quality and quantity of participation across the various sections of participation.

Football may not have been an English invention but Association Football was and the Football Association was formed in 1863 to settle a code of laws and regulate the game. It was the first football governing body in the world. Europe followed England's lead in the last years of the nineteenth century and first years of the twentieth century, with national bodies being founded across the continent.

FIFA (Federation International de Football) was created as the world's governing body in France in 1904 as recognition of the growth of football. Football Associations throughout Europe are affiliated to the global governing body, FIFA. Over 100 years after the formation of the Football Association, football is now the most popular sport in the world, practiced by nearly 250 million people, including 30 million women. In England alone, over 25 million people attended League games in 1998/99 and a live television audience of over 25 billion people saw France beat Brazil 3-0 in the World Cup Final, proving that football is the world's game.

In order to achieve the FA's ultimate objective of winning the World Cup, the game needs to be structured in the best possible way at the grass roots level. For this purpose, organised football in England is divided into a number of geographical areas, in each of which a County Football Association regulates football. Individual clubs that wish to participate in football in England must affiliate with a County FA.

There are currently around 43,000 clubs which are represented on the Football Association through their County Associations and which thus constitute membership of the Football Association. County FA's play a major role in ensuring the best possible facilities, coaching courses, pitches, cup competitions and leagues at the amateur level and encouraging youngsters to get involved in our national game.

The Cheshire County Football Association was founded in 1878 and has since been responsible for the organisation and development of football within the County boundaries established in 1927. The key administrative functions of The Cheshire County FA revolves around the affiliation of clubs, competitions and leagues, registration of players, recruitment, coaching and assessment of match officials and administering discipline. 

Over the last few years there have been major changes in the structure and purpose of the organisation.  Firstly the organisation became incorporated and is now, therefore, The Cheshire County FA Limited.  Secondly in addition to the administrative function the County FA leads the development of football throughout Cheshire.

The organisation now boasts a thriving Football Development Department which has progressed rapidly over recent years.  FA initiatives such as Coach Education, Child Protection, Charter Standard, Mini-Soccer, Girls and Women's Football, Disability Football, Volunteer Support and Education are all dealt with by the Development Department.

The focus of the County FA has changed from that of purely a legislative body to that of a proactive organisation delivering quality methods for increasing the opportunities to play football for people of all ages and abilities.  The aim is to raise standards and reward people, many of whom are volunteers, for their contribution to football in Cheshire.