Johnny Mac Promotions (JMP) charity fundraising


What is the most important fundamental of



Its the first three letters of the word


Yes, you may have a bit of a laugh at your current

fundraising events, but ask yourself, have you ever

come away from an event and thought WOW!!!!  

that was fantastic?

If not, then thats where Johnny Mac Promotions

comes into the equation

                     Who or What is Johnny Mac Promotions


JMP is proud to announce the launch of a new age in charity fundraising.

You will have no doubt seen and maybe even been to charity auctions in the past, but have you seen a “Johnny Mac” Charity Auction?

If you have been lucky enough to see Johnny in action over the last ten year plus, then you will know just how much fun a charity gig can be.

If you have not been lucky enough to see one of the UK’s finest charity auctioneers in action, then, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Johnny was voted one of the UK’s best charity auctioneers recently (by his wife)

after she saw him at a gig for the first time!

Johnny does not get much chance these days to perform as after a short illness (stroke) he decided to hang up his microphone and take it easy. However the charity and non-profit making world should rub their hands in glee as ……


At a charity fashion shoot!

Nice Legs Johnny 

Picture Courtesy of his wife Nicky!

As you may have realised by now, Johnny does not take himself too seriously, however, one thing he does take seriously is his efforts to raise as much money for charity as possible in so many different ways. With just over £191,500 raised since 1997. More recently with a magnificent £6500 during a charity auction that raised over £9000 in one night alone.

 Who is Johnny Mac?

Johnny (real name John McGowan) is a thirty something who caught the charity fundraising bug whilst in the armed forces based in Scotland during the mid 90’s. He started off with a low level horse racing night when the compere couldn’t make it along…….and the rest they say, is history.

Johnny’s achievements include :

Four London Marathons (3 in Fancy Dress)

27 Parachute Jumps

Blind Fold Bungee

Reverse Bungee

Bath of Custard for 12 hours

Race Nights

24 hour Karaoke Events

Horse racing nights

Special one off tribute nights

Comedy club evenings

Variety shows

Charity Auctions

….and so much more

Needless to say that over the last few years, Johnny has raised a lot of money for a lot of worth while causes and has fundraised for some of the biggest charity names around including :

Guide Dogs for the Blind

Seargent (now Clic/Seargent)


Children with Leukaemia

King George Fund for Sailors

Marie Curie Cancer

McMillan Nurses

 And local charities such as :

Jamie Collins Memorial Trust (wirral)

Royal Preston Hospital (Neuro Unit)

St David’s Hospice, Llandudno

…and many, many more

Johnny believes that nothing is impossible when it comes to fundraising and that the first three letters in the word “Fundraising” are the most important! You must have FUN if you want to raise funds!

Johnny Mac Promotions is a business set up to help advise charities and non-profit making organisations on the best way of raising funds. With over 10 years experience at the sharp end of fundraising and an extensive A-Z of ideas and moneymaking schemes, Johnny Mac Promotions can help you.

If you think that your charity or non-profit making organisation would benefit from Johnny’s Services, then why not get in touch today and remember, fundraising isn’t just about raising funds, its about enjoying yourself whilst you’re doing it. And the best way to do that is with Johnny Mac Promotions


During these recession filled times, JMP understands that charities and other non profit making organisations cannot afford to spend vast amounts of money on events and that every penny counts, thats why we have reduced our fees to as low as £100 per event (Depending on event)

Johnny Mac Promotions will travel to help you

We are based in Neston on the Wirral (CH64 postcode) however, we cover the whole of the UK and have done events so far in England, Scotland, Wales and even Gibraltar. We normally charge a small fee to cover fuel and hotels in certain circumstances.                                  Johnny Mac Promotions    Photo taken by linda Pelling Photography ( Q. Who are we?A. Johnny Mac Promotions (JMP) offers mainly a charity auctioneer and compere service to charities and non profit making organisations (NPMO) however JMP offers a wide range of services to allow charities and NPMO's to raise awareness via various methods including advising on fundraising events and methods open to both.Raising awareness of what grants and aid is available to both charities and NPMO.Our aim is to help out in as many ways as possible to help develop charities and NPMO.Q. How much will it cost us?A. Advice is free of charge, Events cost as according to the guide belowQ. How does JMP make its money?A. Simply, we dont! JMP is self funded, ie, the fee we charge is directed straight back into the business to purchase new items/props that we can use during charity events and in future put on bigger and better events for free.Q. What if we cant afford JMP, but still need to raise vital funds?A. JMP offers 4 free events each year to worthy charities/causes. Please contact us with your reasons for us doing a free event for you.Q. Does JMP charge any aditional costs or take a final % from the night's event?A. No we do not take any final % of the nights takings, however we do ask anyone who uses our services to pay any reasonable out of pocket expenses, such as fuel and hotel if required.Q. Does JMP have a registered Book-keeper?A. Yes, we use Eazy-Books based in Neston, Wirral ( or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Events on offer The following list features some of the events that JMP is happy to run for you and your charity or non-profit making organisation :Basic Charity Auction*1 x 45 minute slot of auction of items*this normally works out as 5 or 6 quick fire items (lower value) followed by 3 or 4 "medium value" and then 2 or 3 major items where he will go to town on the audience to gain every last penny for your charity or NPMO.Cost £200 Reduced to £100Advance Charity Auction*2 x 45 min slots including auctioneering as many auction lots as possible in the same manor as above. Includes 4 x bottles of bubbly as spot prizes on the night.Cost £250 Reduced to £150Super Charity Auction*This consists of a full auction experience (as long as needed), Stand up Comedy, 6 x spot prize bubbly, couple of party games, Disco and DJ to finish off the night as well as a few other bits and pieces thrown in.Cost £500 Reduced to £300Laurel & Hardy

Meet, Greet, Mix & Mingle with Comedy Close Up Magic
Available for all events including charity events, Product Launches, Theme Parties, Weddings, Shopping Centres and Parties etc.  We also perform comedy close-up magic as Laurel & Hardy.   Due to the credit crunch we are prepared to lower our price to suit your client instead of losing the booking.  Fee depending on availability and event.
Manual Horse Racing EveningNot like any other horse racing evening you have seen or been to before. These nights are perfect to pitch rival companies against each other in order to raise you some money. The evening consists of;4 x Races, Compere (with or without DJ) and spot prizes, chance to win big cash prizes for all who take part.The evening is made up of 4 individual races, each race consists of 6 horses (Red, Green, Blue, Black, White, Yellow). Each horse is auctioned off to the highest bidder/syndicate prior to each race. Once all 6 have been auctioned off then automatically 20% of the money goes to the charity and the remaining 80% goes back in prize money for 1st, 2nd and 3rd past the post.The race is run on a track of 12 squares long by 6 lanes (one for each colour) a colour dice is thrown to determine which horse moves and then another to determine how many spaces. First past the post and so on.As each race goes on, extra challenges are put in place, ie, land on a card, then you have to do a forfiet, for example, move back two, tell a joke etc etc. and then again first past the post etc etc.Side bets can be put on these races also (again in the charites favour)These nights prove very popular and as a general rule with 100 people in attendance can make in the region of £2-3000 for your cause. The best one of these evenings that Johnny has taken part in raised almost £6000 for the charity concerned.Normally, charities will charge around £10 per head for entry including a cold buffet and free side bet100 x £10 entry = £1000 (JMP Fee £350, buffet done in house for £4 per head(£400))Based on entry alone the charity/NPMO is already £250 up on the night before the first race!!! + 20% of each race takings + all unclaimed side bet winnings (Trust me, it works).£350 without Disco  Reducedd to £250                            £450 with Disco Reduced to £350 More Events to be added shortly........................* - All auction lots must be provided by the charity / NPMO holding the event, however JMP will endeavour to try and bring along a prize if available from our prize chest.ALL EVENTS NOW FREE (Except Laurel & Hardy)