Chester Cathedral clock restored’


An old clock in Chester Cathedral has been restored and in the process a rather unusual history has been revealed.  The clock is about 180 years old and was mounted on a solid wall which ran across the middle of the church. However, the stone wall was replaced with the present wooden screen in the nineteenth century; the clock was kept and a new case built to house the movement. Whoever made the case was certainly no craftsman since it is actually made out of old floorboards, roughly nailed together!  The clock mechanism has been restored thanks to the generosity of a member of the congregation and present day Cathedral craftsmen have been working on the case, ensuring that it’s strong enough to hold the movement but without altering  its rather ‘basic’ but historic appearance. The clock can be seen in the north transept, and for many years a poem called ‘Time’s Paces’ has been attached to the front of the case. The poem was written by Henry Twells, a Victorian hymn writer and begins ‘When as a child I laughed and wept, Time crept’.  Recently, Kenneth Allan an amateur musician from Oswestry has set the poem to music and it is hoped that the piece will be sung by the Choir to mark the re-dedication of the clock. An illustrated version of the poem can be purchased in the Cathedral Shop.    Contact:Nicholas Fry, 12 Abbey Square,  CHESTER, CH1 2 HU Tel: 01244 500958E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Fax: 01244 699040