Chris Matheson Chester MP demands answers on why the government can’t add up



Chester’s Labour MP, Chris Matheson, has demanded a debate on Local Government Finance after an error saw Ministers wipe a further £1.8 million from the budget of Cheshire West and Chester Council.

Chris said: “The Labour administration in Cheshire West have worked cautiously and prudently to deliver an underspend of £2 million knowing that rough times are ahead.  Now we have been failed by the incompetence of a Tory government whose Ministers can’t add up! “


Previous cuts of £47 million were increased to £55 million by George Osborne in his Autumn Statement last year and this latest mistake will force councillors to make cuts of up to £57 million by 2020.


Chris concluded: “I want a debate in Parliament so that the government can explain the thinking behind their actions.  They’re taking almost 20% of the funding for our local services away from us and when a sensible council like ours works hard to deliver against their unachievable targets, the government should at least make an effort to get their maths right.”