Ian Lucas Wrexham MP Parents given support and advice




 News from Ian Lucas

29 November 2016


A GROUP of parents of children with disabilities have met Wrexham MP Ian Lucas to discuss the best ways of securing the support their children need.

Mr Lucas worked with Wrexham charity Dynamic to help provide the session, where he heard that parents frustrated by the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) system introduced by the Conservative Government.

He said: “The changes being forced through are causing real problems for vulnerable families, especially those with children who have autism. These parents help look after children who need intense support and care and we should be helping them, not withdrawing the help we give. 

“Parents told me how, when they came to be assessed under the PIP system, assumptions were made about their children which were, quite simply, wrong. The assessors do not have the right skills and the conditions these children have – some of which are life-long – were dismissed or misunderstood.

“That message comes through repeatedly in the cases I am dealing with in my office, and I have raised specific concerns with Ministers in Parliament as a result. So far, those concerns are being dismissed by the Government – but we will continue fighting to make them think again. I am very grateful to parents for providing me with information to use in persuading the Government to change the system.”

“My office is also eager to help with individual cases through advice. If people want help, contact us on 01978 355743