Ian Lucas Wrexham MP UK The Government has missed an opportunity to show support for North Wales

News from Ian Lucas

23 November 2016

THIS YEAR’S Autumn Statement was a “missed opportunity” for the Government to show its support for North Wales.

That is the view of Wrexham MP Ian Lucas, who has said he was disappointed at the lack of detail and commitment in the statement for policies which would help North Wales.

The full statement, published online this afternoon, contains just five mentions of Wales and one of North Wales. The statement states that the Government will “consider options for a growth deal in north Wales and looks forward to receiving proposals from local partners.” 

He said: “This year’s Autumn Statement made no commitments to projects in North Wales, which is a missed opportunity to show his support for our region. 

“The Chancellor spoke warmly of his backing a deal for North Wales in the Chamber, but the fine detail suggests he is still considering its options – and makes no pledge to back detailed proposals when they are brought forward.

“It is disappointing we are still left with warm words but no commitment to our region from the Government. There has been a lot of good work done by people across North Wales building the case for investment and we will continue to press the Government to provide concrete support.”