Mark Tami Alyn & Deeside MP supports Love to See Change Campaign

Uncorrected vision is the world’s most common disability and affects more than one third of the global population. In the UK it is estimated that two and a half million people are uncorrected and a further two million people suffer from sight loss. 

The consequences of sight loss costs the UK economy £28 Billion per annum. The “Love to See Change” campaign is being launched to coincide with World Sight Day on 13th October to highlight the importance of regular vision screening 

Mark Tami said; “It’s sad how common uncorrected vision is, especially when you consider how easy it to treat and correct eye conditions in a timely manner through early diagnosis and medical intervention.

“Regular eye screening is vital in managing this issue. We are lucky in this country as eye tests are so readily available. I therefore urge constituents to make a pledge to love their eyes and go get their sight checked.

“This will help not only themselves but also people in parts of the world where poor visual health is a major barrier to development.” 

Essilor, the campaign sponsors, are calling on people worldwide to make a pledge and commit to having an eye test. For the first 100,000 pledges made between 13th October and 31st December, they will donate $1 to a selection of initiatives that are bringing good vision to underprivileged populations around the world - whilst at the same time encouraging those of us for whom eye care services are more accessible to become more aware of our own eye health.

Please visit to make the pledge and choose the initiative you would like to sponsor to support on your behalf. It is simple process but it will have life changing consequences for the people it helps.