Mark Tami Alyn and Deeside MP  Alyn and Deeside concerned about the Government’s industrial strategy

There was debate this week in Parliament on the Government’s industrial strategy. The debate was brought forward by Chris White MP who feels Britain needs a coherent strategy that drives growth, builds economies, provides sustainable employment and reduces inequalities.

Mark Tami MP spoke in the debate and raised concerns that there is a tendency for Governments in this country to only intervene when industries are struggling. He believes that the British mentality of stepping back and saying “Why should we support it? It’s doing fine on its own” is one of the biggest problems that we have faced for many years.

Mr Tami said after the debate; “Now more than ever, in the face of Brexit, we need an efficient industrial strategy. The price of the pound is in freefall and consequently the British economy is stalling.

“We should not sit and wait for an industry to begin to fail. The Government needs to implement a long-term framework that allows them to plan how they’re going to achieve their objectives.

“Locally we have seen the detrimental effect that short-sightedness can have with Tata. Thankfully the Shotton plant has turned the corner and is expanding, despite the uncertainty still surrounding the steel industry as a whole.

“I’m glad we had a debate on this important issue. It’s a two way relationship, the manufacturing industry needs the Government to create the right environment to flourish whilst the Government need a successful manufacturing industry.”

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