FreestyleXtreme is an action sports store

FreestyleXtreme is an action sports store with a specific focus on moto, two wheeled sports and the associated lifestyle scenes, so that's Motocross, Freestyle Motocross, Superbike/Moto GP, Rally, Chopper Bikes, MTB and BMX. We do some hard parts and a lot of racewear but the focus of our business is clothing and footwear. We're one of (or the largest) dealer in the UK and even Europe for a lot of the brands we sell and we continue to grow at a frantic pace year on year. We have 20 store fronts in 12 languages and 14 currencies, so our audience is global and we regularly ship to over 90 countries. Our competitive edge is the size of our ranges (if we stock a brand we generally stock everything that brand does), our delivery speed right across the world, our customer service, our prices and our dominance within the moto niche. Animated gif banner linking to UK home page