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The Tivoli Venue in Buckley, Flintshire, is famous for having brought the very best live entertainment to the North East Wales region over many decades


The Tivoli is located in the small town of Buckley in North East Wales. With a history as a theatre and cinema since the 1920's the venue has undergone a number of transformations since its beginnings.
The venue today stands as a 900 capacity live music venue with an intimate and underground atmosphere - as opposed to that of a modern and somewhat soulless concrete arena - and our focus is to bring the best bands from the past and new bands for the future to the region to play a music-loving area of the country that unfortunately seems to get overlooked by promoters of large tours.
During the 70's, 80's and 90's the venue had a tremendous run of bands through its doors and it was often cited as one of the best places to play on any tour. Indeed, stories from the people who worked here at the time have inspired us to once again achieve this goal after a fifteen year spell as a more mainstream nightclub. 2010 was a great leap in the right direction and the club is currently enjoying a bouyant resurgence on the live music scene.
The performance space at the Tivoli is highly versatile and production for a large number of events can be achieved through our hardworking team of in-house crew and staff. We can bring any event to life from just a simple idea and provide the facilities to make it happen.
With a smaller capacity room above the main stage which holds approximately 100 people, which can be used for a variety of functions from celebrations to presentations.
In addition, there is a kitchen area, along with three bars and a small VIP area upstairs. The venue has good links within the catering industry and can arrange for food service etc. as well as providing hot food for anyone at music events.
■Live music concerts
■Day festivals
■Live outside broadcast and radio events
■Filming and live recording
■Corporate events and product launches
■Presentation evenings
■Wrestling shows
■Seated theatre shows (reduced capacity)
■Private parties

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The Tivoli Venue
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