DEWA Roman Experience

The actual Dewa Roman fortress is now buried under modern day Chester, but it lives on through the Dewa Roman Experience. Most museums have exhibits that are available to the visitor, but here we have an approach that is completely different. During your stay a guide is available to explain everything you see, hear and smell. Groups are, however, continually encouraged to get involved and find out as much as they can for themselves. Your visit begins in the dark hold of the Roman galley and from there you stroll through the reconstructed street, experiencing the sights, sounds and smells of Roman Chester. Passing through the Gatehouse and following an audio-visual presentation, you can explore the archaeological excavations. Dewa Roman Experience occupies a unique site at the heart of the original Roman fortress. This is a rare opportunity to discover the genuine Roman, Saxon and Medieval remains buried beneath Chester. A superb collection of artefacts from Chester and elsewhere are displayed in the on-site museum, Touch the past yourself in our popular "hands-on" studio. We have activities for everyone, which range from trying on a replica suit of Roman armour to handling ancient pottery and animal bones.


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DEWA ROMAN Experience

Pierpoint Lane off Bridge Street Chester CH1 1NL

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