Chester Gang Show

Chester Gang Show began as "Scoutabout" as a joint venture between the 8th & 13th Chester Scout Groups back in 1953. We ran for two nights plus a matinee, starting on a very cold Friday night the 16th of January, until Saturday 17th. The original venue was in the Cathedral Refectory fitted out with a stage, while the dressing rooms were in the cloisters; if there was ever cause for a haunting by the original occupants that was it.

Within three years we moved on to another historic but more appropriate berth, the original Victorian Chester Royalty Theatre where we performed until 1965. From then on we arrived at our present home, The Chester Gateway Theatre in 1969 after two shows in the enormous ABC Cinema.

Our longest serving producer (Roy Fisher) with 32 shows to his credit steered the ship until 1995 and we received the Scout Association Gang Show Red Scarf award in year 2000, when Matt Davies had taken over. That, in a nutshell, is a an abbreviated version of our tale of rags to riches.

Our 51st show celebrating the Centenary of Scouting has now moved into history and our home for 38 years, the Chester Gateway Theatre, though closed, still awaits the arrival of the demolition gang. Having successfully remodelled the 52nd show to cope with the transition to the King’s School Hall just over the Dee in Wrexham Road, the next move in the game is consolidation, followed by invention and innovation so that we might expand the spectacle to reach what is ultimately possible within the space available.

Last year’s show was a voyage of discovery, not only for you the audience, but also for our new producer Keith Harding and his team as they came to terms with the art of cramming a quart into a pint pot. Therefore we invite you all to join us yet again to see the next exciting instalment.

We are not difficult to find, simply insert the King’s School postcode into your satellite navigation system or Google map and then rattle the buttons. Remember, if you don’t book early you might be disappointed since delaying into the New Year will certainly cost more! (See our special early booking discounts offer.) If you live locally and don’t book early, you might find a reincarnated version of the press gang banging on your door in the middle of the night. If you haven’t been before then why not try a new experience?

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